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How We Do It



We get your practice on page one with Google with our unique Patient Reviews Program that uses our $10,000 cosmetic dental grant giveaway as an incentive for your patients to leave a review of your practice online. By leaving a review, your patients become registered to win the $10,000 dental grant. As your patients leave more reviews, you will see your Google Local listing begin to move higher in Google's Local Search Results.

We offer you several different methods of using our Patient Reviews program.

1. Patients Leave Reviews in the Comfort of their Homes: You can simply give a copy of the enclosed flyers to each patient that visits your practice. These flyers instruct your patients to leave a review of your practice and give them incentive to do so by entering them in our $10,000 Cosmetic Dental Grant. You can purchase more of these flyers from AmericaSmiles by calling (708) 367-1207.

2. Increase Your Reviews 10 Fold: With this solution, you purchase an iPad (or inexpensive lap top) specifically for your patients to leave their review right in the office! Instead of handing out flyers to each patient and asking them to review your practice at home, you hand each patient your portable computer and ask them to leave a review of your practice at while they are there in your office. Using a portable computer will bring you a higher rate of reviews than just passing out the flyers as patients leave.

In addition to the Patient Reviews Program, you can also take advantage of our "fast track" method of getting your practice listing on page one. With the "fast track" method, we submit your practice information each month to the more than 185 online directories that Google uses to verify your practice listing. With this option, you can be sure that your local listing gets the highest placement possible as quickly as possible on Google's local search results.

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